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We align ourselves with real estate websites where the consumer visits the most. Your listing will receive an extra advertising “boost” through our partnerships with Zillow Premier Agent, Market VIP, Op City, as well as an extensive Google Adwords budget. When you list with us, you can expect your property to show on countless online websites to ensure your home has high visibility in all corners of the web. This amount of exposure in front of this many consumers will encourage a higher showing volume, better offers, and a higher price.

Direct Mail Campaign

Our direct mailing campaign will showcase your home to your neighbors and allow them to show it to buyers who they know are looking in the neighborhood. All direct mail pieces include a QR code that enables lead capturing when they register to view your home's custom website. This way, we will receive all contact details of the prospect in our database and will use the information to follow up for more feedback.

Mega Open House / Broker's Open

Our open house strategy is MEGA. Every weekend we showcase multiple homes to draw in a larger number of buyers and their agents through your doors. A coordinated and properly marketed mega open house weekend will draw more of a crowd than a singular open held by a single agent. In addition to a public mega open house, a Broker's open may be held exclusively for the established brokers and agents in our area. So if they have any buyers, we're sure to have your home on their radar!

Premium Exposure Online

We align ourselves with real estate websites where the consumer visits the most. Your listing will receive an extra advertising "boost" through our partnerships with Zillow Premier Agent, Market VIP, Op City, as well as an extensive Google Adwords budget. When you list with us, you can expect your property to show on countless online websites to ensure your home has high visibility in all corners of the web. This amount of exposure in front of this many consumers will encourage a higher showing volume, better offers, and a higher price.

Custom Website For Your Home

Our websites generate over 150 registrations from motivated buyers every month. We will strategically place your home online at www.[youraddress].com, and use the site as springboard for finding prospective buyers through social and Google PPC. Anyone viewing the details of your home will register their contact information, and we add them to our prospecting list for follow up.

Video Retargeting Ads

Whether it's a beautiful property tour of your home, an informative market update, or video showcasing local businesses/attractions - we utilize video campaigns to stay in front of buyers who are thinking of moving to our area. Video is also a powerful tool for those out of state buyers who cannot be present to tour homes. A well produced video might just be the ticket for them to make a trip to our area!

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Jake Ashley

Jake AshleyRealtor

License 746358

Jake Ashley is a dedicated and experienced professional who is proud to serve his community in East Texas. Born and raised in Texas, Jake has deep roots in the area and is passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. He is happily married to Kaylee, and together they enjoy spending quality time with their son, Kace Cooper Ashley.

Jake's educational background includes graduating from Gilmer High School and obtaining a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Tyler. During his time at university, he excelled both academically and athletically, playing baseball for four years. Jake's commitment and drive on the baseball field transferred seamlessly into his career path.

After completing his education, Jake embarked on a career in physical therapy, where he spent several years helping clients in the Greater Tyler area reach their maximum potential. His dedication to his clients' well-being and success made a lasting impact.

In 2020, Jake transitioned into the real estate industry, bringing with him his passion for helping others and a determination to deliver exceptional results. In his first year as a real estate agent, he was recognized as the "Rookie of the Year" for his outstanding achievements. Building on his success, Jake was honored as the "Rising Star in Real Estate" in 2022, having closed over 40 properties in a single year.

To further enhance his skills and expertise, Jake pursued and completed his Accredited Luxury Home Specialist designation. This additional qualification has equipped him to handle complex and intricate real estate transactions with confidence and proficiency.

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or seeking advice on real estate investments, Jake is committed to leveraging his knowledge and putting in 100% effort to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. His dedication, experience, and track record of success make him a trustworthy and reliable partner in the real estate process.

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Josh Hill was amazing to work with! He was knowledgeable about everything and if he didn't know he would make sure to find out ASAP. The whole process went quickly and he went above and beyond. I highly recommend.
Josh was very friendly and helpful in finding us a home. He went the extra mile every time we wanted to see a house and often on the spur of a moment! He was quick to learn what we liked. Josh found us the perfect place to live in East Texas! Thanks Josh!
Jack Doyle
Tracie was phenomenal and really went above and beyond (multiple extra miles) with a pleasant demeanor throughout the entire process---despite several last minute hiccups. Thanks Tracie!
Caleb White
Shelly was an absolute joy to work with. She always advocated for us and made she we had exactly what we needed to be successful in our home search. You cannot go wrong with hiring Shelly as your realtor!
Stephanie Lenhart
Shelley Pollard did a fantastic job finding the right property for us back in May, 2021. She was a joy to work with. Shelley was quick to response to our request to see a house and worked overtime to ensure we had the opportunity to make an offer. She has a friendly personality and yet very professional in her job. She is a top notch 5 star agent.
Sharon Walling
Lisa Stevens is an awesome realtor and helped us sell our home with the utmost professionalism. She lead us through each step and kept us updated on a daily basis. Lisa made selling our home of 28 years a breeze and we highly recommend her for your real estate needs.
Robert Tompkins
Great Customer Service. Good communication, pace, and efficiency. Thank you!
Rick Mosteller
This was my first home! I would not have been able to make it through the process without Melissa....She was so supportive and on top of every detail....I did not have to worry about anything....Such a kind heart!
Cherhonda Brown
We hired David to sell our home and the experience was fantastic! David was very responsive and truly made the process a breeze.
Abby M
David Kurtz is an amazing real estate agent. His knowledge of the local market is evident and he always kept my best interest in mind. Great to work with. Highly recommend!!
Byron Evans
My husband, Casey, and I had a wonderful experience with David Kurtz assisting us in purchasing our lake house. David was very professional and provided us with tips and ticks while guiding us through the process. He has just enough personality to make the entire experience FUN! Thank you David for helping us find a home where we can build lots of fun family memories!
Kim Pretty
David Kurtz is an outstanding agent and broker. He worked for our best interests, was patient and helpful throughout the home search process, and he made sure we got the best deal possible on the home we bought. Thanks David!
Corey Kellam
We love working with Dwell Realty! As the owner of The Mortgage House it's refreshing to have an agent as dedicated to customer service as we are. If you're in the market for a real estate agent who will represent you as a person and not a paycheck David Kurtz is your man. His assistant Joy is an absolute pleasure to work with as well. We couldn't recommend them more!
Teri Killingsworth
Melissa Dow has been a tremendous help to us during the process of find & buying our family housestead! My fiance' and i believe that without Melissa help & determination we would not a been able to secure our new hobby farm! I hope in the future we can become friends & associates with our future ventures!
Matthew & Lynnette Radcliff
n a landscape where realtors are plentiful Shelly Pollard shines! Shelly’s people skills paired with her knowledge of the real estate market made our experience swift and simple! She did a fantastic job promoting our home, quickly arranging showings which provided multiple offers! We are very grateful for the service she has provided!
John Whitney
Shelly is an awesome realtor! She made the process so easy, was always available to answer questions and did a fantastic job promoting our house. I highly recommend her and Dwell Realty!
Shelly Whitney
Moma Scott
Josh is a fantastic realtor that I would not hesitate to use again. Great experience.
Benjamin Kissee
Jason took great care of us! He was our realtor for both the purchase of our first home and the sale of it 4 years later. My husband and I have referred several of our friends who also had great experiences. Jason is very knowledgeable and transparent about the process. He does a great job answering questions and is very responsive!
Francis Malone
Jason, or Captain Redbeard, has been a true partner in the homebuying and home owning experience. He has always been quick to respond to any and all questions we may have about purchases, renovations or anything in between.

We purchased our first home with him back in 2017 and his insight was crucial to making an informed decision. Fast forward to 2022 and we find ourselves looking again. It's not even a question who we'll use the second time around. Very few can match the level of excellence that Jason and the Dwell team provide.
Trenton Terrell
Jason Jones helped my wife and I purchase our home. He always answered our questions, and helped us through the home buying experience. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome realtor.
Rick Bruce
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Thank you for filling out the form and we look forward to speaking with you soon! A member of our team will be in contact within the next 24-48 hours.
Are you thinking about buying? The video resources below cover many of the common questions that most people have during the home buying journey.
First Time Buyers
Are you a first-time homebuyer? Did you know that if you haven’t owned a property in the last three years that you are considered a first-time homebuyer?
First-Time Home Buyer Advice
You can’t know everything there is to know about buying a home, especially when you’re a first-time homebuyer.
How much down payment do I need for a house?
Many first-time homebuyers believe they have to put 20 percent down on a home. But that’s far from true.
Why do people say you need 20% down?
Average down payments are well under 20 percent. So why do so many people say 20 percent down is the minimum.
How to choose a mortgage lender as a first time home buyer
One of the biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make is not shopping around for a mortgage.
What credit score do you need to buy a house for the first time?
Most loan programs require a credit score of 620 or higher to buy a house for the first time. That includes conventional loans, most VA loans, and USDA loans (which require 640+).
What qualifies you as a first-time buyer?
If you’re buying your first-ever home, you’re a “first-time homebuyer” by default.
Do I need a home inspection?
Some loan types, like the FHA and VA mortgage programs, require a home inspection to make sure the home meets requirements for safety and affordability.
What are points? How do I know if I should buy them or not?
A point is simply 1 percent of the loan amount. If you choose to “buy your rate down,” or pay “discount points,” you will get a lower interest rate.
What is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is an insurance policy that makes homeownership possible for homebuyers who don’t want to make a 20 percent down payment.
Making An Offer
Before the offer to purchase is created, you must be at least pre-qualified or, better yet, pre-approved by a lender, unless you are paying cash.
Escrow, Now What?
Once your offer is accepted by the seller it starts the escrow period. You will be asked for a down payment, typically 1% of the purchase price.
Mortgage Calculator
The easiest way to determine your estimated monthly mortgage payment is by talking to a lender. However, the calculator below can also help point you in the right direction.
Mortgage Pre-Approval
Thinking about buying a new home? If you're not paying cash, then you’’ probably need a mortgage.
Personalized Home Search
Complete the form below and we'll create you a custom property search. Anytime when we find properties that match your specific criteria we’ll send you an email.
What Are Closing Costs?
You've found your dream home, the seller has accepted your offer, your loan has been approved and you're eager to move into your new home.
Thinking About Selling? Watch This.
Are you thinking about selling? If so, the video resources below cover many of the common questions that most people have during the home selling journey.
Selling A Property? Here's How To Add Value!
Which items will add value to your home and help with resale when the time comes to sell? The answer is: “The ones that future buyers also want and are willing to pay for.”
Our Marketing Strategy
Let’s take a moment to talk about how we use both traditional and online strategies to promote your home to the largest group of qualified buyers.
Find Out Your Property Value; For FREE!
Would you like to know your home's estimated value? Our free market analysis service provides you with your property's current market value and suggested selling price!
What sales price should you list your home for?
When you hire us to list your property we provide you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which is a compilation of recent sales from your area.
Tips For A Successful Home Showing
Real estate showings give potential buyers the opportunity to see and experience your home in person.
5 Homebuyer Tips
Here are five tips for navigating the home buying process.
3 Financing Tips
If you are planning on buying a home using a home loan then these three tips will help you get prepared for the financing process.
Credit Score Ranges & Factors
A credit score is a number between 300–850 that depicts a consumer's creditworthiness.
Required Mortgage Documents
Every lender requires documents as part of the process of approving a mortgage loan. Here are documents you’re generally required to provide...
How to Improve Your Credit
Credit scores play a big role in determining whether you’ll qualify for a loan and what your loan terms will be.
The Home Inspection Process
After your offer gets accepted, you’ll have an inspection period. This is your opportunity to have a licensed inspector canvas the home looking for common issues prior to moving forward with the home purchase.
The Appraisal Process
Once you are under contract, your lender will send out an appraiser to verify the purchase price is in line with the property’s value. Here are the two most important things to know about the appraisal process.
Homeowners Insurance
A homeowners insurance policy will protect you against certain losses and damage to your new home and is generally required by lenders prior to closing.
How To Buy in a Tight Market
Here are five things tips that can increase your chances of getting your dream house in a competitive housing market.
Thinking About Remodeling? Here’s some tips.
If you’ve made the decision to remodel your home before selling it, you should do some research to find the right contracting company.
Digital Photography
When selling your home, it’s important to upload high-quality images that really show it off to potential buyers.
How to Recognize a Qualified Buyer
When you’re selling your home, it’s exciting to get an offer! But unless your potential buyer has the resources to qualify for a mortgage, you might not really have a sale.
Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Selling
If you’re thinking about selling your home and moving to a new location but you aren’t entirely sure about the idea, here are some helpful questions to ask when making up your mind.
Tips to Make the Sale Process Faster
If you’re thinking about listing your home on the market, here are some tips to make the sale process faster and easier long term.
Home Showing Checklist
If you’re selling your home and are getting ready for a home showing, here are some tips that will increase your chances of success.
How To Add Curb Appeal
Want to add some curb appeal to your home before listing it on the market? Here are some tips that will help!
How To Attract More Buyers
Attracting buyers to your home on the market is an important task in order to have it sell quickly. Here are some tips on how to convince buyers to make an offer on your home!
What to Know About the Appraisal Process
After accepting a contract for the sale of your home, the buyer’s lender will send an appraiser to make sure the purchase price is in line with the property’s value.
How Commission Works.
When sellers look at how much their agents are making on the sale of their home, they often feel like services are overpriced and that they can do the same thing themselves.
You Have A Buyer, Now What?
After you receive an offer on your home, the negotiation and contract process will begin. There are many things to consider in order to keep the deal together!
Finding Buyers On Zillow!
Did you know that Zillow allows anyone to see the total amount of views and saves for any property that is currently on the market?
First Impressions Are Everything!
Congratulations on listing your property! Our team stays up to date with every property on the market, so we know a thing or two about making your home showroom ready.
What Are Property Disclosures?
No matter how great a home may look at first, problems may be hiding under that fresh coat of paint. As a buyer, you should scrutinize the property disclosure!
Is the Buyer Pre-Approved, or Not?
When selling a home, it’s important to understand the different types of loan approvals that you will come across.
A Different Marketing Approach!
When you’re selling a home, it’s important to make sure as many buyers see it as possible.
Is Your Property Worth More?
If you’ve decided to list your home yourself, are you sure the price is accurate and not underpriced?
What is an iBuyer Program?
A common misconception is that the selling process is complex. Unconventional online iBuying programs have grown in popularity as people seek more convenient transactions, like Redfin, Open-door, and Offerpad.
Frustrated With The Selling Process?
Are you frustrated because your property didn’t sell immediately? With the way the real estate market looks right now and the value of your property, it should have sold in an instant!
Did Your Listing Recently Expire?
Did you know that your property in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS has expired? This information is sent out to all of the real estate websites across the nation, and if your listing has expired, then your property really isn’t on the market anymore.
Common Mistakes Most Agents Make!
It’s frustrating when you’ve previously listed your home for sale, and it has stalled on the market for months. Sooner or later, the listing will expire. Don’t let it get you down!
How to Instantly Attract More Buyers!
Have you put much thought into putting your property up for sale again? Your property hasn’t been on MLS for some time, and you might be hesitant to re-list a property over again.
How Is Your Marketing Different?
What’s the secret to effectively marketing your property and attracting more buyers to generate multiple offers? It’s all about working with professionals that understand how to adjust the marketing plan based on your property’s unique features.
Think Before you Re-list Your Property!
What was that missing ingredient from the last time you listed your property? You wanted to see it sold FAST, but obviously, there was another piece to the puzzle.
What’s Your Motivation?
Everybody has a reason for listing their property. Do you remember what yours was? This reason fuels your motivation and drive to keep at it, even if your property doesn’t sell the first time.
Sometimes All You Need Is A Fresh Start!
Sometimes all you need is a fresh start! We have found that 90% of the time, relisting with a new agent is all that is needed to get the property sold. Oftentimes with little or no changes made to pricing, marketing, or property presentation.
You Deserve More Attention
We believe that communication is the number one key to a successful real estate transaction!
Thank you so much for registering on our home search website! Here are some basic tips about navigating the website and how the home search experience works.
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Do you have questions about the home buying or selling journey?
Have you ever thought about a career in real estate? Maybe you are already licensed and looking for your next opportunity.
Do you currently have your home listed for-sale-by-owner? Or maybe you are thinking about listing your home privately.
Did you list your home with a real estate agent and it didn’t result in a successful sale? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be the outcome.
Price Reductions
The best way to get a great deal on a new property is by buying at the best price possible! Below is a list of properties where the sellers have decided to drop their asking price. This usually means that the homeowner is motivated to sell the property and move on.
Just Listed
The best properties usually don’t stay on the market very long. Below is a list of properties that just became available for sale. This is where many active buyers find their dream home!
Market Watch
The real estate market is constantly changing. If you are thinking about selling your home then now is a really good time. Property values have increased over the past few years and pent-up demand is pushing the price even higher!
Cash Offer
Selling your home can be a stressful and time-consuming process. But what if there was a way to sell your home quickly and for cash?
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